Webinar: 3D Printing for Lighting: Why It’s Not Just Hype

IES Section Webinar
February 9, 2021 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

IES Section WebinarOur presenter is Matthew Wall:

Matthew Wall is an energetic and enthusiastic award-winning marketing manager with experience in leading, developing, and managing marketing strategies and cross channel initiatives for Fortune 500 companies. From robotic vacuum cleaners to innovative lighting solutions, Matthew is currently breaking the mold and introducing the concept of 3D printed luminaires in North America.  One of the things he enjoys most in leading the marketing efforts for Signify’s 3D printing venture is that he gets to support and engage international cross-functional teams to develop new products and come up with innovative solutions. He is known for his expertise in product specifications and is a results orientated, profit-driven individual with a sense of humor.  What he loves most though is being engaged with a product in the concept stage, and then supporting it and developing it all the way through to a successful product launch into the marketplace.

Course Description:

Explore the benefits and processes of 3D Printing in a Circular Economy and how these practices impact our environment, structures and humanity values.

Learning Objectives:

  • How 3D printing is changing the Lighting Industry
  • What types of design flexibility/customization are enabled by 3D Printing
  • How 3D printing contributes to sustainability and supports circular economy, while benefitting customers

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