Webinar: Designing Interior Space with Indirect Lighting – AIA ESL105

IES Section Webinar
November 2, 2021 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

IES Section WebinarFor those whom attempted to join the meeting on 10/19/2021, my apologies for the TEAMS link causing issues.  We have re-scheduled the meeting for 11/2 at 2pm and are using ZOOM for this meeting.  

The link is:  https://ecosenselighting.zoom.us/j/3290385800?pwd=aEg2YUN0N2c4SEZpVStUU2M0QlYwUT09 so please copy and paste this into your browser to join on 11/2/2021 at 2pm.

Thanks for your patience and we look forward to “seeing” you and hearing from Tracy Hansen of Ecosense.

The IES Atlanta Chapter welcomes Tracy Hansen, Southeast Manager for Ecosense,  as Guest Speaker. Tracy joined Ecosense in early 2019 as the Regional Sales Manager covering the Southeast and Latin America Regions.

Designing Interior Space with Indirect Lighting – AIA ESL105

This course explores how indirect lighting can be used to improve the comfort level of a space and allow it to be used in multiple ways. Participants will learn lighting design techniques for optimizing the design of interior spaces by illuminating ceilings and walls, and by backlighting through translucent materials.