Webinar: The Wrong Layers of Light, An exploration of lighting language utilizing residential and hospitality spaces

IES Section Webinar
December 14, 2021 @ 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm

This will probably be our last virtual meeting. 2022 should bring back in person presentations and meetings.

Presented by David Warfel.
Chief Evangelist of Light*
*fancy title for lighting designer that talks a lot
Light Can Help You.

David K. Warfel is Midwestern farm boy turned lighting designer, author, and educator who passionately shares the gift of light. Whether blogging at languageoflight.blog, writing for Fine Homebuilding, Technology Designer, and Houzz.com or designing residential and entertainment experiences from coast to coast, David simply wants to help others live better lives through the scientific and artistic application of radiant energy. From the local theatre to Carnegie Hall, from his parent’s kitchen to multi-million-dollar homes, from local pizza joints to the Las Vegas Strip, from school cafeterias to Royal Caribbean Cruise Line projects, David is endlessly fascinated by the power of light to reveal and transform space.

Please join David K. Warfel on a romp through our current language of light and explore the potential power of a new, second language of light. David will use examples from his work in residential and hospitality spaces to illustrate how changing our words can change our designs, fixture choices, client conversations, and final results- for the better.

We are excited to have David giving this presentation. Please RSVP as we have other chapters that would like to attend but have a limited number for attendance.

Note: It will be a virtual Zoom meeting at:

Meeting ID: 926 3998 6932
Passcode: 625293