Recorded April 28, 2022

Our presenter will be Elizabeth Hunt of Axis Lighting. Currently, she is the Regional Vice President Southeast Sales Manager at Axis Lighting and now adding a new facet to her career, healthcare lighting through BalancedCare by Axis Lighting. Her passion for lighting and design has advanced over her 16 years in the Lighting industry. She has worked on a variety of different projects from art installations, facades, commercial outdoor, and indoor applications. She strives to inspire and educate others on the innovative possibilities of lighting application and push creative boundaries. With her infectious energy, Elizabeth continuously mentors emerging young professionals to discover new avenues in the lighting industry and Interior Design while instructing at Texas Christian University in Interior Design and Architectural Lighting Design. She also chairs the Texas State University Advisory Board for Interior design. She has a degree in Interior Design from Texas State University with an emphasis in lighting and received her Masters from Texas A&M University.

While continuously smiling, Elizabeth loves to live life to the fullest. When not inspiring designers, she enjoys running with her dog, Happy, capturing different viewpoints through her camera lens, trying new restaurants, sewing modern quilts, hiking mountains, and expanding her global perspective through travel.